A man had seven sons, who were always querreling. One day the father called his sons around him. He laid before them seven sticks which were bound together. He said, "I will pay a hundred dollars to the one who can break this bundle."

Each son strained every nerve to break the bundle. After a long but vain trial they all said that it could not be done.

"And yet, my boys," said the father, "nothingis easier to do." He then untied the bundle and broke the sticks, one by one, with perfect ease.

"Ah!" said the sons, "It is easy enough to do it so; anybody could do it in that way."

Their father replied, "As it is with these sticks, so is it with  you, my sons. So long as you hold fast together and aid each other, you will succeed, and no one can injure you. But if the bond of union be broken, it will happen to  you just as it has to these sticks which lie here broken on the ground."

-- Unknown