My Grandfather Was a Water Dowser

Nobody ever accused Lloyd of being a mystic or dreamer. His farmer's boots were planted firmly in the soil of the land. Being pragmatic didn't deprive him of a sense of humor, either. He was simply a man of his word, nothing complicated or devious.

But he was also a dowser, or "water witcher," as he would call himself.  He could find water.  And he did this not just for himself, but for all the neighbors.

He said he had learned how to do it at the age of six by watching a man who dowsed for water on his father's property.  He was convinced the secret lie not in himself, but in the branch of the tree.  Some types of trees worked better than other trees, he said. You needed a branch that forked  He said that if you held both ends of the fork in the fists of your hands, when you came across water the center would pull downwards. Sometimes this force was so strong he would get blisters on his palms from "fighting against" the downward pull.

One time when he was asked to find water on a stranger's land, he found it in three separate places. He thought it queer, however, because each time there would be a beer bottle. After he was finished the man told him, "I never believed in this stuff, but you're the third dowser to find water in the same places.  I marked them al with bottles."